Recap: What You Should Know About EOS, and Why It Matters

Throughout the year, we’ve been reminding you about Microsoft products reaching end of support (EOS) in January 2020. Some businesses have heeded warnings, while others are allocating the necessary funds to upgrade software or hardware [...]

IoT Grows Rapidly While Challenges Remain for SMBs

Even though the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly, many businesses are concerned about the increasing number of challenges with small device technologies, including security. While early adopters are worried about opening themselves [...]

Haven’t Upgraded to Windows 10? Here’s What Intel’s Chip Shortage Means to You

Many small business owners still running Windows 7 are considering when they should upgrade their systems to Windows 10. Time is running out — especially with the ongoing Computer Processing Unit (CPU) shortage. With one [...]

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Survey Says: Data Loss Still High Among Businesses

Even though data loss is still high among businesses across all verticals, there's been an increase in the adoption of cloud-based data protection.  Some organizations are stalling, however, to make a move. Cloud adoption, in [...]

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Why You Need an MSP in 2019

If you’re not sure why you need a managed services provider (MSP), you’re not the only one. Despite all the benefits to hiring an MSP, many businesses are still skeptical, but they don’t need to [...]

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Why Enterprises Are Migrating to Windows 10? EOS, Security, Survey Says

Many enterprises still haven’t upgraded their operating system (OS) from Windows 7 to Windows 10, despite Microsoft’s attempts to remind them. There are myriad of potential security vulnerabilities resulting from not migrating by early [...]

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Migrating Workloads to Azure: What to Know

No matter the industry you’re in — whether it be law, manufacturing or accounting — you’re going to eventually realize why storing workloads on-premises is no longer a viable option for your business. Over [...]

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Insider Threats: What Manufacturing Companies Should Know

The manufacturing industry isn’t immune to insider threats — and without well-defined strategies to combat these attacks, companies are leaving themselves open to financial losses and more. The average cost of an insider threat [...]

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