How Technology’s Impacting Business Growth Opportunities in 2020

With 2020 right around the corner, businesses are already evaluating how the ever-evolving technology landscape can assist with potential growth opportunities — and there are a few ways. Ahead of the new year and just [...]

Fall for a Phishing Scam? Here’s What to Do

While there are too many types of cyberattacks for business owners to stay on top of throughout their daily lives, they’ve more than likely come across phishing scams in their inboxes at some point or [...]

Are Leaders Actively Engaged in Cybersecurity Strategy?

While there’s a lot of talk about cybersecurity being a top priority among high-level executives, something’s missing from the conversation, and it’s detrimental to the health of an organization. A new report, published by AttackIQ [...]

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Upgrading for Microsoft’s EOS? Here’s What the Tax Code’s Section 179 Can Do for You

Preparing for Microsoft’s end of support (EOS) deadline in January isn’t how you want to end the year, but it’s something to plan for — even if you’re dreading upgrade costs. What many businesses don’t [...]

Study: Enterprises Are Turning to MSPs to Close Skills Gap, Address Complex IT Issues

According to a new study, many enterprises are turning to managed services providers (MSPs) to assist with closing the IT skills gap, and to address increasingly complex IT issues in the cloud. Commissioned by Virtustream, [...]

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What Microsoft Teams Can Do for Your Business

Microsoft Teams is back in the news. This time the chatter is around the tech giant actively working on a Teams client for Linux, the most-used open-source operating system in the market. For SMBs [...]

Recap: What You Should Know About EOS, and Why It Matters

Throughout the year, we’ve been reminding you about Microsoft products reaching end of support (EOS) in January 2020. Some businesses have heeded warnings, while others are allocating the necessary funds to upgrade software or hardware [...]

IoT Grows Rapidly While Challenges Remain for SMBs

Even though the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly, many businesses are concerned about the increasing number of challenges with small device technologies, including security. While early adopters are worried about opening themselves [...]